Throughout the week three different housegroups meet:  Tuesday evening (7.30pm) , Wednesday morning (10.30am) and Wednesday evening (8pm).  We are a diverse mix of Christians from Wetherby Methodist and other local churches.  We range from 27 – 90+ in age and several of us take it in turn to lead.

The Tuesday and Wednesday evening groups meet in church members’ homes and usually share a cup of tea or coffee and a chat before starting our Bible study.  The Wednesday morning group meets in the Church Centre.  This time of fellowship gives us the opportunity to get to know each other better support each other and to share our holiday snaps or a joke.

We tend to use Bible study notes but often spend as much time talking about how we disagree with the point of view of the question writer as answering the question!  We try and vary our study materials between those focusing on specific areas of the Old and New Testaments and those looking at lifestyle issues.

We are very informal in our approach to Bible study but despite this, or because of it, we would all say we gain a lot of insight into  God’s Word and the Christian way of life from the various groups.

If you are interested in joining any of the house groups please contact one of the Leadership team – details available on the contacts page.