Wetherby Methodist Church

Wetherby Methodist Church is currently served by a lay leadership team comprising myself, Heather Shipman, as Lead Lay Pastor; Andrew Marshall as Pastoral Assistant; and Donald Milne as Lay Pastor.  Our contact details are on the ‘contact us’ page.  I work full time and Andrew and Donald are part time, so please contact me initially.  We are all long serving Local Preachers and working together as a ministerial team until the arrival of our new Superintendent for the Circuit, Revd Ann Fox, who will also join the team at Wetherby.  We will then have a leadership team of both lay and ordained.

Wetherby is a vibrant church with over 180 members serving our market town.  We have strong relationships with our fellow denominations in the town and an excellent covenant relationship with St James’ Anglican Church.  In 2017 we joined together for a visit to Nepal and are planning a return visit in 2021 under the auspices of Tearfund.

Coronavirus – Light a Candle

Normally our premises are used by many groups for lettings but unfortunately during the present crisis our services have been suspended and our lettings cancelled.  However, we have not forgotten those who use our buildings, or you, and you are all in our prayers.  If you have a query or there is something which you think we might be able to help with, please get in touch.

There are many resources to enable us to share worship during this difficult  time.  Many of these are available on national websites.  If you would like to link into those which the team are sharing please get in touch and let me have an email address.   Along with many of our fellow Christians we will be putting a lighted candle (electronic ones are safest) in our windows at 7.00pm on Sunday evenings and praying together.  It would be lovely to have you join us.  This is the prayer we will be using

Gracious God
In our going out and coming in,
our rising and sleeping,
watch over us
keep us from  harm.

In summer sun and winter rain
our joyfulness and sorrow
watch over us
keep us from harm.

In the darkness and in lighter days
our fears and comfort,
watch over us,
keep us from harm
This day, and all days.  Amen

With every blessing


Wetherby Methodist Church are pleased to support and promote Fairtrade and encourages the use and sale of Fairtrade productsfairtrade logo