Food Bank

This is a big project.  We are advised that it is likely to take at least (and maybe more) than six months to get the project up and running – and that is from the point where a decision to ‘give it the green light’ has been taken, a point where are not yet at (though fast approaching).

Last night, 27th November, a task group met to scope and develop an initial work plan.

A key priority in this plan is to test the feasibility of a ‘Lower Wharfe Valley Foodbank’. Is it really needed?  Where do we get the information about need? Where is the need greatest?  What might be the coverage of the foodbank?  Once we know the answer to these questions we will then develop a rudimentary business plan – we know (broadly) what the start up costs are, but what are the running costs – and where might we find and sustain these resources?

A second key priority is around who are the partners in this project – already a number of churches in Wetherby, Boston Spa and surrounding villages have expressed some interest, but what about partners beyond this?  Businesses?  Other groups and organisations?  This is not intended to be a Wetherby or faith led project, but a community project, for our area – so all are welcome!

Further questions, maybe a little further down the line are – where can we find volunteers?  If we employ a co-ordinator (which would be our preferred model) how many hours a week?  Where will our warehouse and distribution centres be? And so on…………

The task group are committed to taking an evidenced proposal to a meeting to be held on the 15th January – watch this website for details of the venue!  All are welcome!

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