Caring for Others in a time of Need

Hello everyone,

Following on from the generous response from so many people posting offers of help on Facebook and setting up volunteering groups for those who want help, as the Methodist Church in Wetherby we are supporting the Wetherby Council Community Care Volunteers scheme.  This scheme puts the correct procedures in place to do just that – to make sure those who need help receive it, but also protects those who are volunteering.  Unfortunately, some of the other offers which have been made, with the best intentions in mind, have enabled some people to take advantage of others.

As Lieutenant Yvonne West, Chair of Churches Together, says ‘This is a great way of being salt and light in our community – helping to keep others safe, pooling our resources and making sure practical assistance is received by those who most need it’.

A copy of the scheme and how to volunteer is below or follow the link below.

If you are able and willing to volunteer this is our recommended way of doing.  And if you are one of those people, thank you for your kindness and generosity in a world that is very much in need of both

As a team we are working on how we can be Church and share our faith in ways other than attending Sunday services and we will be in touch with some of those later.  This is our ‘practical’ response.

God bless.

Heather, Andrew and Donald

Details of Community Care

The log in to volunteer is:  and follow the Covid-19 Support link.  Then scroll down to  ‘sign up to be a volunteer’, click on that and you can leave your details.