‘Being Church’ #3

Hi everyone

It is good to keep in touch in all the varied and wonderful ways we are creating when we can’t engage in the natural and easy way of walking and talking together and giving each other a hug.  I have never felt it more keenly than this week.  You will see from the Newsletter that both Charles Shaw and Godfrey Wilson have died.  I know what a shock this will be to many of you and you will have lots of memories of two lovely men.  Please pray for Carol and Joan at a time when all we want to do is go and give them a hug but alas we can’t do that. 

I am not sure at this point in time what sort of a funeral we will be able to have but hopefully I will be able to go to Stonefall with some of the family – we will have to wait and see.  Meanwhile it would be wonderful if you would send me your memories and any photos you have of them and I will put them together for Joan and Carol respectively in a memory book.

Following on from the challenge to make or find a cross in a new place I can tell you I have already had a picture of one made with toilet rolls (not so many that they’re stockpiling honestly)  and one with logs.  Please keep the pictures coming in.  I’ll share them with you next week.

Meanwhile, stay safe, look after yourselves

Every blessing

Heather, Andrew and Donald

Wetherby Issue 3