‘Being Church’ #4

Hello everyone

I hope you have a lovely weekend.  This year our Easter celebrations will be very different.   Whatever you do, take time out for reflection – the kitchen cupboards must be clean by now and the garage sorted and the garden well dug – not a weed in sight.  And if they aren’t then there will no doubt be time for that after Easter.  But this is a special time to be with God.  It’s at the heart of our faith.  Remember Jesus died for us all that our sins might be forgiven and that we might have eternal life.  That’s a huge thing to ponder on.  Leave the daily tasks for another day and spend the weekend with God.

Carol Shaw has asked me to thank you all for your cards, phone calls and messages.  She has felt surrounded by love even through the isolation and desolation of this time.

Take care everyone, keep safe.

And have a very happy Easter Sunday.

God bless.

Heather, Andrew and Donald

Wetherby Issue 4

Easter colouring