Good Friday – Easter Sunday – Reflection

Hello everyone

Please find attached our liturgy for Good Friday and Easter Sunday.   You will also find a reflection, this week written by Dr Alan Bell.

It is our hope that we will be able to sit down on both Good Friday and Easter Sunday at about 10.00am and imagine we are with our usual congregation and that we are worshipping together.  Work through the liturgies and read Alan’s reflection and know that we are all doing the same.  We would normally have gone off to Bridgefoot after our service but this is not of course possible.   However, our cross will be erected there as usual.  There will also be a banner attached to the railings around Bridgefoot on Easter Sunday.  If you are out for a walk go past our church and add your flower to our cross which will be outside the church on Sunday and walk down to Bridgefoot to see the banner.  (see update below)

Some more sad news I am afraid.  Our lovely friend Noreen Foster has died after suffering a severe stroke about 10 days ago.  Her funeral will be on Thursday 23 April at 11.00am.  Please pray for Nicola, Gareth and all of Noreen’s family.

The Newsletter will come out on Friday as usual.  In the midst of all you are doing know that you are in our prayers.  Have a peaceful and very thoughtful Good Friday and enjoy Easter Sunday.

With every blessing

Heather, Andrew, and Donald

Good Friday

Easter Sunday

Dr Alan Bell – An Easter Message 2020

Update: 07:30, Good Friday.

Hi everyone

A change of plan regarding the cross at our church in Bank Street.  I understand we will not be able to put it outside the church and invite people to decorate it for Easter Sunday as this could be construed as encouraging people to leave their homes and make an unnecessary journey.  Whilst this was certainly not the original intention we must abide by the rules.  So, please use your imaginations and envisage the cross ablaze with flowers on Sunday and we will make sure that when this pandemic is over we can rejoice in lots of different ways.  I am sorry for the misinformation in the Newsletters.

With every blessing