Here in Wetherby we enjoy great ecumenical relations with our fellow churches in both the town of Wetherby and with the surrounding villages.  Have a look at the link to Churches Together and you will see some of our activities.

Covenant Group

We also have a very active Covenant Group with our Church of England friends at St James’ Church Wetherby and are currently planning a joint trip to Nepal in the Autumn of 2017.  This will involve 6 people from each church, together with a Tearfund leader going to Nepal in the Autumn half term.  Both young people and adults will be involved in the proposed visit.  We chose a project that neither of us had been involved in previously so that we could begin work together.  Our expertise and insider knowledge for the trip will be provided by Tearfund / United Mission to Nepal under whose direction we will go.  We hope that our experience with our own ‘Reaching Out’ project will help us support the local church in Nepal to engage in understanding and promoting the gospel message that the church needs to support the poor.  We are also very much aware of how much we have to learn from them.