Tearfund Prayer and Support Group

What Tearfund Is:

Tearfund is a British 3rd world charity operating in over 40 countries worldwide. We are Christians passionate about the local church bringing justice to transforming lives and overcoming poverty. Tearfunds 10 year vision, well underway, is to see 50 million people taken out of material and spiritual poverty by means of a global network of 100,000 churches.

Indeed Wetherby Methodist is a connected Church member, supporting Tearfund church partners “Kubatsirana” in Mozambique (for more on this see below).

Our Local Prayer and Support Group:

We meet about once a month, to learn about issues affecting the 2/3rds world, such as climate change, tax injustice, HIV Aids, water supply and sanitation. We learn through videos, speakers and discussion, and support by fundraising, lobbying government, and prayer.

All are welcome to join us.

Meetings are held on the first Monday in the month at 7.30 pm in the Methodist Church (Upper Room) 


We particularly support Tearfunds partner Kubatsirana, which is a network of about 90 churches across the denominations based in Chimoio in Central Mozambique.  Kubatsirana was established to bring Gods love in practical ways to those affected by HIV/Aids – a worldwide scourge.  Almost 1000 patients and orphans created by the disease have been helped.  Many are alive and well only because of Kubatsiran’s team of church volunteers who care weekly for them.  In addition great efforts are being made to eradicate the disease through teaching and training about abstinence and faithfulness as well as discrimination and stigmas.  Several churches are now involved in self help income generation to sustain the work.